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colorproject.jpga truly amazing, fully interactive treemap visualization displaying about 33,096 English nouns. each noun is represented by a tiny rectangle, which has been assigned a color based on the average of the colors found via an image search for that noun. in addition, the words are clustered so that similar words are near each other. users can zoom, browse, filter characters & rearrange the map by color or meaning, causing the map to morph & readapt. (make a guess: what is the bright green square on the top left?) also see: wordcount & base26. [aiga.org|via anonymous tip]


There is a trailing quote in the link, so it comes up as 404.

Other than that, great link.

Mon 15 Aug 2005 at 6:24 PM

thnkx, james: the link has been corrected.

Mon 15 Aug 2005 at 7:39 PM
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