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flowerinbloom.jpga collection of physical interfaces for collaborative interaction that can be situated in a real-world setting & are designed for particular collaborative contexts & uses. one can also consider this to be a huge collection of working prototypes for ambient information display, including examples such as: physical flowers that bloom or funny eyes that change according to the 'status' of people (present, absent, busy, ...), picture frames that light up & magic puppets that move to show that a remote person is in one's thoughts, falling marbles that display the amount of unread emails & missed calls, & a glowing flower that creates patterns of sounds & lights that children should repeat.
most of the prototypes were developed with phidgets, physical widgets that makes prototyping physical user interfaces easy. [ucalgary.ca (pdf) & ucalgary.ca] (continue reading for more pictures)


the prototypes illustrate a large variety of design categories for collaborative physical interfaces, such as 'people status indicators', 'communication channels', 'notification of asynchronous messages', 'notifcation of meeting activities', 'information exchange', 'privacy control', 'collaborative games' & 'interactive art'.

phidget eyes

marble mail & missed calls

ele-phidget & appointment assistant

simon the sun flower children's game

note: all images taken from source mentioned in original post.


When we created Phidgets, as goal was to make them available to others rather than a research novelty. Consequently, they have been commercialized: http://www.phidgets.com/ . Our experiences is that others have been able to develop very interesting physical user interfaces with very little effort.

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Check out this one, its got an awesome music video, hehehehe.


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