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distributedprojection.jpgan installation prototype in which physical matter is animated by algorithmic light, to test the limits of architectural construction in comparison to the precision & resolution of technological media. this project attempts to 'create matter from information', that is to generate some physical experience that carries information, & that can be thought of as building blocks for architecture. a projector was used to 'embed' the information into a fully distributed structure of special geometric arrangements.
300 physical pixels pick up a single projection, distributed according to a carefully engineered geometry so that all elements are picking up all the light while not casting shadows on each other. the content of interaction has been kept 'symbolic', as the projection shows 'spatial swirls that get pushed in & out based on people'. this project is part of an ongoing research & development process that explores 'some pressing issues that architecture is facing today with the advance of new technologies into the social realms'. [aether.nu|thnkx Adam]