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gori.jpga physical & ambient data visualization as a network garden in which each plant grows up fed by personal communication data (phone call history). each plant vibrates to a unique phone number retrieved from assigned mobile devices during 'watering time', similar to how plants move when the breeze blows on them. a mobile phone number is a 'seed', identifying each plant. pushing data into the installation from the database is 'watering'. a plant 'grows' depending on the amount of communication length: the more it grows, the more the plants bends because of the material. 'wind' is represented as vibration of a plant: depending on 'duration', 'frequency', 'incoming', 'outgoing' or 'text message', GORI uses different movements, lights & subtle sounds. for instance, when it receives incoming data, it vibrates with blinking, while outgoing data makes it vibrate only without any light change. [manme.org.uk|thnkx Tom]