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conflictvisualization.jpga novel data visualization method that shows a visual summary of bilateral conflict structures captured in event data. by projecting actors into a conflict space, this visualization technique is able to highlight the main opponents in a series of tens of thousands of events, & provide a smooth animated graphic overview of the conflict structure.
one of the the datasets is taken from the KEDS website, containing about 79,000 events for the major actors involved in the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia from April 1989 to July 2003. the diagrams show the levels of hostility between different countries & how these change over time. color emphasizes group membership (red versus blue, neutral grey) & importance (saturation). vertex shape & size are used to add information about the 'activeness' of actors (how much an actor is involved as the subject initiating the event).
this research was recently presented at the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization. [uni-konstanz.de & uni-konstanz.de(pdf)]