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groopus.jpgseveral sophisticated data visualizations representing the 'social context' of delicious users based on the del.icio.us tags they use. these diagrams show the different areas of interest & relates people with similar interests to groups to foster the creation of a shared understanding about tags & resources.
one data visualization identifies areas of interest for a person’s individual context by clustering 'resources' according to their tag sets. the result is a number of tag clouds in which the number of occurrences (its importance) of each tag is visualized by its font size. another visual representation conveys personal clusters of similar people by spatially grouping relevant members.
these visualizations attempt to enable people to quickly perceive the structure & importance of their tags, & make them aware of other similar people, what their topics are & who they interact with.
many more tag-based visualizations at the blog category. [groop.us & groop.us]