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nabaztag.jpgnabaztag is a physical ambient visualization device in the form of a cute bunny rabbit that is able to display several live datasets retrieved through a WiFi Internet connection, including the weather, traffic situations, air quality measurements & a current email status. in addition, this so-called 'nabaztag' can show its own (random) emotional state or can be used as a physical messenger that synchronizes its physical shape with other similar devices or through mobile phone messages.
the same company also sells the dal lamp, a dynamically altering lamp connected to the Internet via a wireless conection. it can receive messages sent by your friends via email or via telephone that generate colored animations according to personal emotional states. Dal can also display the weather forecast, the reception of an email from a loved one, the stock market, the traffic conditions or any other real-time information by subtly changing colors. see also ambient weather forecaster & do-it-yourself ambient orb. [nabaztag.com & violet.net|via boingboing.net]


What Violet seems to be conveniently forgetting is that the thing also comes with an occluded subscription system and several flaws on the server-side software that make it pretty much useless out of the box.

As an object, fit and finish is also mediocre (it feels and looks extremely plasticky, plus there's a big button on top that doesn't show on the product pictures...). It looks like the designer's greed (the business model is clearly subscription-based) is just about to torpedo what could have been a fun gizmo. oh well.

Sat 08 Oct 2005 at 6:47 AM

thnkx for your review, mattbr!
their business model seems to be similar to ambient devices though.

Sat 08 Oct 2005 at 11:42 PM
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