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whisper.jpga 'wearable data architecture' called 'whisper' that senses physiological data & visualizes this information through 'physical computing', including haptics, sound & light. for instance, the clothing is capable of translating gesture, breath & heart rate into digital signals, which is then decoded as sound or vibrations.
custom electronic systems aesthetically hidden within the clothing receive live data from various sensors (e.g. heat, touch, brainwave, position, or pulse). specialized software on wearable computers embedded within the garments then analyze the physiological data, & translate it into a wearable visualization (e.g. via muscle wire, motor, piston, speaker, or display).
the fabric-layer architecture is designed for flexibility, as each garment can have a different layout of sensors & patches, with the fabric being applied over other materials or incorporated into the garment structure directly, as translucent panels or technological highlights. see also wearable synthesis. [sfu.ca & siggraph.org|via wrt.ucr.edu & turbulence.org]