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heartbeatdisplay.jpgthree different prototypes of wearable bracelets that visualize heart beat related data. kontinuum displays heart beat tempo via the rhythm of simple white light pulses on a 10cm wide wearable plexiglas. alteration (veränderung) shows the heart beat intensity through the change of colors (green = slow, red = fast) of LED lights embedded in silicon. finality (endlichkeit) shows the 'remaining' heart beat pulses of the wearer on a 16-sign LCD display, by comparing the actual age of the wearer with the average amount of heart beats of a 75 year person (which with 60 beats per minute totals to about 2.365.200.000 beats in a person's life). see also heart beat bowl & city heat & heart beat & heart beat songs & heart beat visual world. [readable.info]


Looks like it hurts

Fri 23 Dec 2005 at 2:54 AM
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