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totems.jpgthree 3D-printed forms that represent online pornography viewing habits. custom software sniffed all incoming Web traffic at a discreet location, sorting packets by destination IP address, time, & source IP address or domain name. time is represented by the vertical axis, with each model symbolizing a single day. each form was vertically cropped to create variance in height. individual bands represented time spent on a single site: the thicker the band, the more time spent. the radius of an individual band was logarithmically determined by the amount of data downloaded from the corresponding site. the 'Quickie' totem shows only a brief concentration, 'Work Safe?' displays large concentrations at the beginning & end of the day, with brief blips between 9 AM & 5 PM, while 'Vacation' shows a full day of pornographic web viewing. [tree-axis.com|via we-make-money-not-art.com & pixelsumo.com]