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regularexpressionvisualizer.jpga tool for visualizing how regular expression engines use 'finite-state automata' to match regular expression patterns against text. a finite state automaton is model of behavior composed of states, transitions & actions. a state stores information about the past, i.e. it reflects the input changes from the system start to the present moment.
the graphs are based on a 'pattern', which shows the regular expression. the 'input' is the string that is visually matched. as users type into the input string. the color of this string indicates whether it’s a complete match (green), a partial match (blue), or a non-match (red). [osteele.com|thnkx Angus]


Very cool, reminds me of a logic course where we were presented with a turing machine diagram and were asked to come up with the most efficient turing machine that achieved the same result. Maybe this can be used after you optimize your regex and compare to the original to ensure that it is equivalent.

Thu 02 Mar 2006 at 10:55 AM
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