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an interactive geograpical map resource which contains detailed country information for over 200 states & maps key social, economic, environmental & political issues, such as greenhouse gas emissions, corruption, landmine risk & child labor statistics.
the interactive map enables users to view an issue individually or in combination with other issues in order to illustrate the relationship between 2 or more associated topics. the tool is meant to raise awareness, providing a framework for monitoring & analyzing a wide range of complex issues that impact on society & the goals of business.
see also radial visual browser & gapminder world trends.


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Mon 10 Apr 2006 at 4:36 AM

Monday 22nd May 2006. Maplecroft announce the re-launch of it's popular interactive map site. An all new user interface, and map projection greatly increases the accessibility and usability of the application for visitors wishing to learn about major issues facing the planet in social, environmental, political and economic contexts. See: http://maps.maplecroft.com

Sat 20 May 2006 at 8:40 PM
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