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an interactive data visualization that provides a broad view of historical stock prices. the dotplot displays 9 years of weekly price changes for 500 companies, more than 200,000 data points in all.
each weekly price change is represented by a single dot on the screen, colored green if the stock went up that week & red if it went down. large movements are colored brightly, while smaller changes are dimmer. the dots are arranged in a grid, with each row representing a single company's performance, & columns representing points in time. the labels at top show the passage of time. the companies are grouped by sector and industry. broad market events show up as vertical stripes.a volatile sector like technology appears as a speckled band of bright green & red dots.
see also dotplot for a similar information visualization technique & smartmoney market map for another famous stock market representation from the same company.
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American people work real hard in order for them to earn money, and try to figure out ways on how to save it. Many people are asking: Is private college worth it? SmartMoney did a study that shows people who pay tuition and fees at private colleges don’t see a higher return on their investment, financially speaking. In fact, looking strictly at the initial cost of getting a degree and the salaries and extra money that graduates earn, Ivy Leaguers see a lower return on their investments. Here are the results of the SmartMoney study and more ideas on how to save extra money on college.

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Arthur D
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