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tangibleweatherchannel.jpga sculptural visualization that interprets a remote location selected by a user & simulates its real-time weather information as a way of creating an emotional connection. rather than employing traditional graphical representation, this system renders weather information into a multi-sensory experience by simulating natural elements such as water, air & sound. it investigates the experiential & performative aspects of information representation, & its interrelationships among material, meaning, memory & perception. see also perpetual tropical sunshine.
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We would like to see NORTH DAKOTA forcast on the air when you do all the forcastings on all the places you do now. Alot of farmers need and would like to see it, as we farmers do alot of farming and watching you forcasts and we do not see FARGO NORTHDAKOTA. We pay for the DIRECT TV forcasting, and the Weather Forcasts do not show FARGO NORTH DAKOTA. We are so sad to say, you actually FORGOT NORTH DAKOTA when you forcast the MORNING/NOON/EVENING forcastings on 3 times a day and on thru the week. You show more than one or two or three places in California and Texas. But, we are FARMERS and we need the FORCAST LIKE THEY GET TO SEE. FARGO IS A BIG FARMERS CITY AND FARMERS NEED THE FORCAST, BADLY, to know what they are going and can do in the fields, now. More important than San Francisco, who gets our cereal. And, SAN FRANCISCO is just a city. We think FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA should get on the weather forcastings, just like San Francisco and Los Angeles do, and we FARMERS need the forcast more then just a person inside a tall building in Ca ever does. WE HAVE TO BE IN THE FIELDS 24/7 IN ORDER TO MAKE FOOD FOR EVERYONE. We have to watch the rain, thunderstorms, everything. PLEASE, WILL YOU PLEASE CONSIDER ADDING FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA ON THE EVERY FEW MINUTES FORCASTINGS FOR THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON DIRECT TV? THANK YOU.

Mon 17 Apr 2006 at 12:52 AM
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