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an interactive network visualization that shows the links between Exxon (the world's biggest oil company) money & some of the loudest climate sceptics being quoted in the media. developed for Greenpeace with the assistance of the they rule application. the visualization contains dossiers & fact sheets for each organization & person with a description, history, staff bios, quotes, deeds & hidden affiliations.
designed as a tool for journalists, researchers & policy makers, this application can be used to research the links between climate sceptic groups & how much funding they get from ExxonMobil. searches can be made on organisations & individuals, cross-referencing automatically with other groups & individuals.
[exxonsecrets.org|via greenpeace.org]


see also http://www.trackingthethreat.com/flash/nav.jsp

Fri 14 Apr 2006 at 2:45 PM

I guess I am one of those sceptics that IS funding Exxon. I do not think that we have a robust base of knowledge to assert that global warming is getting materially worse or that is man made. I fund Exxon every time I fill at the pump.

I think it is time to have a real debate on this issue. I am tired of being called a dupe for questioning the global warming fanatics. I am tired of non fact based assertions that global warming is man made. I am tired of assertions that the temp is rising. The offical stats coming out of the uk ARE CLEAR ON ONE THING - NO CHANGE IN EARTH TEMP FROM 1998-2005.

Sun 16 Apr 2006 at 6:31 AM

i have find a link that also show many similars projects (http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/) that one that you present.... just very bad to me because i canĀ“t understand each one ... my english is bad ; )) also i am here 4 to said that i come many times for to read all your post ; )) i love your blog, search and links ; ))

Mon 01 May 2006 at 2:38 PM
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