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heraldriclogo.jpgan interesting take on the practice of logo design by merging it with the visual language of heraldry. every symbol, shape, color & arrangement of color in heraldic crests have a clear & unambiguous meaning. in turn, the translation of contemporary business vocabulary in suitable logo designs could thus be mapped onto a similar but more modern version of a fully meaningful, graphical language. see also visual brand recognition.


Actually... I think heraldry is generally considered to be one of the origins of things like logotype, so it's not really "combining" but rather "referencing".
The "clear & unambigious" meaning of symbols belongs to a time where social structures were much more formal and hierarchical.
I for one am quite happy that (logo) design has evolved beyond that.

Fri 07 Apr 2006 at 11:10 AM
Slow Motion, Quick Thinking
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