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an artistic reinvention of the American map according to a satirical world order. in "U.S World Studies II", Jules de Balincourt divides the US into a jumble of brightly colored squares without obvious logic (Florida’s been positioned in the mid-west, & California is in the Deep South). America is considered a self-contained rainbow-hued continent of disunity. the rest of the world is depicted as a swarthy no-man’s-land comprised of dwarfed & sketchy nations of dubious nature.
see also meet the world flags.
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in "US World Studies III, national politics is altered into a game of formalist composition. the entire country is rendered Republican red (die hard Democrat zones are given a muddy rouge cover up), & each state is allocated with colored bands of financial affiliation. Jules de Balincourt presents USA artistically adjusted for visual (if not political) harmony.