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an electronically enhanced tablecloth designed to cover a kitchen or dining room table that glows beneath objects, creating a visual halo that expands very slowly. when items are removed, the glow fades quickly. by signalling how long things have been left upon it, the tablecloth highlights the 'flow' of objects over surfaces in the home. being able to see this hidden dimension of the home might be thought-provoking or simply enjoyable: people might be reminded to tidy up more often, or become reluctant to move things lest they disrupt the patterns they form. the Tablecloth is made using electroluminescent material printed onto a flexible substrate.
see also conversation table & menu vista.
[equator.ac.uk & acm.org (PDF, ACM members only)]




This seems to be a very beautiful experiment.. too bad that there are so few photos and no videos.. I would love to see a video of this table..

Thu 31 Aug 2006 at 8:31 AM
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