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Science Magazine & the National Science Foundation have recently announced the winners of the "4th annual Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge".
next to the beautiful Flight Patterns project featured on infosthetics here, several infographic illustrations have been ranked, including a graphical depiction of 5 volcanoes on the main Hawaiian island which "conveys information with ease without the viewer having to read too much of the text", an informative view of the Mona Lisa painting, & a 3D explanatory view based on the composition of 1000s of catalysts & their chemical reactivity.

see also the previous year winner.

[link: sciencemag.org]


infographic authors: Nils Sparwasser, Thorsten Andresen, Stephan Reiniger, & Robert Meisner*

infographic authors: Matt Heying, Changwon Suh, Krishna Rajan & Simone Seig