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a network visualization & news browsing tool that aggregates the news from more than 1,100 journalistic sources online, as part of one of the major Italian Internet Service providers Libero. GraphNews analyzes the content of news articles, with the goal of highlighting the main subjects (i.e. people, products, localities, societies, institutions, etc.) & extracts the relations that occur between them, resulting in a graph visualization of these subjects & their relations.

a user can click a node (ellipse box), to create a new graph with subject & relations tied to that specific node, or an arc (square box), to return all the news that speak about the 2 subjects joined from the arc. GraphNews also allows to change of detail level or time period (i.e. day, week, month) of the graph.

see also news ontology viewer & mid-east network diagram & social issues network.

[link: libero.it|thnkx Roberto]