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a huge-size visualization of the human genetic code as thousands of pixels per chromosone. a color was assigned to every of the four bases (i.e. A, C, G, T) , which was rendered as pictures, as a "mix between science, art & curiosity". the projects's aim is to reach newbies & interested people, as the visualization is "not always absolutely correct from a scientists's point of view". interestingly enough, "you can see crazy structures and strange patterns in the images, best viewed when shutting your eyes just a little bit." the visual structures depend on the chosen image width, but it seems that the structures occur on most sizes. an interesting discussion on Slashdot focuses on the validity of the visualization technique: do the patterns have scientific value or is this art? also see the very similar human genome random, & the genetic calligraphy & portein profiler & dna 11 & dna space & circos & cell biology infographics & personality dna & web 2 dna. [link: dna-rainbow.org|via slashdot.org|thnkx Dave]);width:600px;height:200px;"> DNA rainbow visualization »