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a novel data visualization system that allows users to interactively explore complex flow scenarios represented as Sankey diagrams. the system provides an overview of the flow graph & allows users to zoom in & explore details on demand. the system is applied to the energy flow in a city. different forms of energy are distributed within the city & they are transformed into heat, electricity, or other forms of energy. these processes are visualized & can be interactively explored.

an interesting energy Sankey flow diagram was published in the February issue of Science Magazine (via scienceblogs.com), that demonstrates how "... more than half of the energy produced (in the US) is wasted".

see also situational awareness map & flow maps & pivotgraph & .

[link: uni-weimar.de & uni-weimar.de (mov)]


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source: George M. Whitesides and George W. Crabtree, "Don't Forget Long-Term Fundamental Research in Energy", Science 9 February 2007:Vol. 315. no. 5813, pp. 796 - 798.