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a collection of data visualizations illustrating the monthly lists of the 100 most visited Wikipedia pages between September 2006 & January 2007. it is shown that almost 40 percent of a month’s top 100 pages are visited in all 5 months, whereas 25 percent are highly visited only in a single month.

in "category view", circular icons with colored sectors indicate which specific lists contain the same page, & their size indicates how many pages are contained in a specific combination of lists. in "cluster view", star–shaped icons at the periphery act like “magnets” that pull a page icon toward them based on the page’s list positions. in "spiral view", all pages are placed sequentially along an expanding spiral.

[link: firstmonday.org]

see also chromogram wikipedia editing history & history flow & wikipedia treemap.





Amazing infographic displays as usual on this blog. It, however, makes easier than ever to see how Wikipedia's traffic is largely determined by two to three main, influential currents:

1. Whatever mass media considers newsworthy
2. Manga/Anime
3. Sex and porn

Which, coming to think of it, tells a lot about the societies we live in...

Fri 04 May 2007 at 3:39 AM
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