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in a follow-up to his now legendary TED 2006 presentation, Hans Rosling demonstrates the next generation of the Trendalyzer software, which analyzes & displays world statistics in easily accessible ways, allowing people to see patterns previously hidden behind mountains of data.

about ten days later, he announced a deal with Google to acquire the software. he also shows Dollar Street, a program that lets you peer in the windows of typical families worldwide living at different income levels.

the finale is, again, amazing.

[link: ted.com (profile) & ted.com]


Ah great video!
I especially love the visual representation of how much families are earning, and having different houses/environments on a slider to visually show this.

TEDTalks are great, I recommend everyone to subscribe to the TEDTalks podcasts, very inspirational.

Wed 04 Jul 2007 at 9:49 PM

That was... wow. While the Trendalyzer is quite nice, he certainly hits his main point out of the park.

Thu 05 Jul 2007 at 1:51 AM

The surprise at the very end (right before the cheesy commercial) was more than impresive. I would have liked some comments on the google deal (something that worries me, being a nasdaq listed for-profit corporation with a long history on product starvation), but as joel said on comment #0 the part I liked the most was the comparison on how much different families were earning by showing differencies in furniture/appliances.
BTW: Congrats for the blog :)

Fri 06 Jul 2007 at 7:08 PM
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