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[from Fernanda Viégas at Infovis'07]
This is the second year of the Art Show at InfoVis and the first time we count on a top digital artist to curate it. Golan Levin, Associate Professor of Electronic Art at Carnegie Mellon has worked his magic and put together an amazing show that includes interactive and printed pieces. Golan explores the concept of creating “collections” as an approach to information visualization—from a collection of lush, used lipsticks to a compilation of sheep drawings created using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

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see also flags by color & hand-drawn sheep market & Skymall liberation.


In addition to the physical Art Show, Golan gave an inspiring presentation on information art where he provoked the audience to think about the kinds of data we visualize and why. He showed a series of visualizations that don’t use a computer to display data. One of the simplest and most evocative examples was Meaghan Kombol’s “The Subway Lines” where the artist tried to draw a straight line as she traveled on subway trains in NYC.


The Art Show brings a refreshing perspective to the InfoVis community, one that is not rooted in scientific reasoning and hypothesis formation but rather in expression and intentionality. Artistic information visualization is not just a “cool thing” that kids are doing these days; it is an eloquent voice that needs to be heard in the InfoVis conversation.

Thank you, Golan.




That's incorrect. The sheep market project is by Aaron Koblin.

Sun 02 Dec 2007 at 2:44 PM
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