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it seems to rain visualization events lately.

visualizar is a symposium & workshop in Madrid to be held at November 12 & 13 (& the 2 weeks afterwards), with several famous attendees. the workshop is looking for students to apply & develop their data visualization project in Madrid during November. note that the deadline is in the next few days!

the IEEE International Conference on Information Visualization, or simply Infovis 2007, will be organized in Sacramento at 28 November - 1 October. it has a mainly academic program, so expect many professors & their ambitious research students to attend.

the 2nd VizThink Conference will be held in San Francisco on January 27-28 2008, bringing together people who use graphic design, images, pictures, video, animations, sketches, & other forms of visual art for communications & learning. the program shows some interesting keynote speakers. the organizers kindly offered a $100 discount of the current Attendee price for infosthetics readers! just use the code "BCAV1" when registering online.

the 1st IASTED Visual Communications will allow international experts who work with the scientific & technological implications of vision to meet with other specialists in spatial, photographic, & mobile imaging. this conference will be held on March 17 - 19, 2008 in Innsbruck, Austria.

and finally, an information aesthetics symposium was held in The Hague & Amsterdam just a few weeks ago. (can anyone describe what happened?)


Thanks for the head up Andrew for the Visualizar project in Madrid.

Please note that we have extended the Submission deadline until October 10th. Anyone interested please do not hesitate in submitting your idea!



Fri 05 Oct 2007 at 4:15 AM
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