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is a network model created to generate list of predictions about future spending. it shows the unprocessed model of dynamic relationships between transaction items and their effects over time. each node represents a transaction and are connected to each other through categories and dates. [link: turbulence.org|thnkx jack!]);width:600px;height:200px;"> mypocket spending »
25 January 20082 comments / / by fofoda
a set of visualizations based on a dataset of cross-references found in the Bible. the one shown above is a biblical social network. after the break, are images visualizing the cross-references as arcs. the bar graph running along the bottom shows every chapter in the Bible and their respective lengths (in verses). books alternate in color between white and light gray. also visualized is the entire text of the Bible, with biblical names positioned and sized according to their average position in the text and their frequency of occurrence. [link: chrisharrison|via the suggestion box] see also: comparing the holy scriptures, shape of song, bible exegesis, clusterball wikipedia, music habits arcs & document arc diagrams.);width:600px;height:200px;"> visualizing the bible »
24 January 20084 comments / / by fofoda