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a sophisticated network visualization of the 297 most visible & influential websites, the "core US political webosphere". the sites are divided in 4 categories: Conservative, Independent, Mass Media & Progressive.

the default view is set to display all the categories at once. a node’s color indicates the community it belongs to, & a node’s size indicates its authority degree (overall number of inbound links). the more links a node receives from other nodes shown on the map, the bigger it appears on the map. nodes are positioned on the map according to its linking pattern. as a result, the “strength” of a community can be inferred from its density and the thickness of the web woven by its nodes.

an alternative interface maps which candidates are actually making the news on the Internet, in the mass media or in the different political communities.

[presidentialwatch08.com (map view) & presidentialwatch08.com (trends view)|thnkx Guilhem]

see also petroleum industry presidential campaign contributions & the original map of the French political blogosphere.