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Computation + Journalism Symposium has an interesting track about Sensemaking and Visualization, including a roundtable conversation between John Stasko (GaTech), Jeff Heer (Berkeley), and Xaquin G.V. (Newsweek). it will discuss innovative newsgathering ideas involved by news organizations, who currently experience bottlenecks because of the complexity of the data. it has even been hinted that a few new "public-facing interactive information visualization interfaces" will be shown.
[February 22-23, Atlanta]

Graphing Social Patterns is a conference for developers and marketers on how to build and distribute apps for social networks & social platforms. as the conference name would suggest, we hope visualization will be part of the discussions.
[March 3-4 San Diego]

See Conference boasts with presentations from Ben Fry, Zachary Lieberman & Frank van Ham. the conference is dedicated to new approaches that are being developed in the fields of design, art, architecture, multimedia & economy.
[April 19, Wiesbaden, Germany]

infosthetics is soliciting interested attendees to guest blog their experience: pls contact me via the suggestion box well beforehand.

also, don't forget submitting to the Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.
[deadline: May 31]