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an interactive data visualization of the top 8 banks in the US, & their mortgages that are 90+ days late & their total charged off ("write down") mortgages, based on FDIC data. the first of two charts, which both resemble the animation techniques introduced byGapminder, shows that most of the banks are keeping their 90+ day lates under control, at least up until the end of Q4 2007. the second graph, demonstrates that after Q2 2007, everything starts decaying in a hurry.

"over the last half of 2007 Citibank, JPMorgan (Chase) & WaMu start exploding with non-performing mortgages. Bank of America seems to be keeping things reasonably under control, but you can clearly see the strain on the balance sheets for all the banks we are tracking."

[link: and-still-i-persist.com]