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a browser-based 3D information visualization tool for interacting with high-dimensional structured (eg. stock tickers, etc.) & unstructured data (eg. web search results). the current beta shows how results,parsed from Yahoo search, are mapped as dots on a flat surface, with distance denoting similarity (by text analysis algorithms). the landscape morphs in a 3D landscape as common subtopics appear as mountains. the closer the mountains, the greater the similarity between the topics they represent.

a demonstration video after the break shows an implementation using Yahoo search results. the goal of this demo is to "get a read on people's reactions to the concept generally (& hopefully identify some key applications)". do you have a constructive critique or useful suggestions for the developers?






This looks like a full-3d version of the now-defunct NewsMaps(.com) application that demonstrated Cartia, Inc.'s ThemeScape product (also now defunct?) I think I preferred the original -- the classic map colors were just easier on the eye, and shading and contours gave me all the 3d information I needed without annoying rotation.

Wed 02 Apr 2008 at 2:37 AM
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