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a set of "semi-abstract" circular visualizations of the WiFi encryption levels while traveling through the cities of London, Vescemont, Belfort & Barcelona. each circular item represent the recording of wireless network through a journey. each succesfull recording influences the time line thickness & adds a “pin”. red pins represent non-encrypted networks other networks are the smaller black ones. the thickness of the main line & the length of the "node pins" depends on the ecryption from thinner to thicker: "WEP" , "WPA", "TKIP" & "NONE".

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Have you heard about this event we are organising for the 10th and 11th May in Exhibition hall one of the Barbican? You can see more info at

Essentially it's a green consumer expo showcasing 80 organisations with products and services which make your life in some way more eco-friendly. From electric vehicles to organic veg boxes delivered to your home to eco-kettles to hubcap creatures(made from recycled hubcaps!) and just about everything in-between.

There are also 11 panel discussion sessions on all sorts of climate change related topics, a children's interactive area, guest authors, a student eco-innovation award, a green cinema and lots, lots more! Tickets are £5 and concessions are free when registering on-line.

Tue 06 May 2008 at 9:55 AM
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