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a new set of generative visual themes that are directly created from, & visually accompany poems. each theme can be interactively explored online.

in the 2008 version, all words words in a poem based on their frequency in the text, which are placed on a line. the most frequent words are thus relatively large & placed on the left hand side. then, all words that appear in several poems are connected by a fluid red line. the width of the line is related to the length of the word in the regarding sequence.

the key visual of Poetry on the Road 2007 is based on the automatic retrieval of Flickr photos, as the it treats every word in a poem as a unique tag. each word is replaced by the most popular Flickr image. each photo is then cropped depending on the length & the frequency of the word it represents. the horizontal axis is defined by the length of the word, the vertical one by frequency.

[links: esono.com (2007) & esono.com (2008)]

see also visual poetry 2006 & visual poetry 2005.