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The project so_many_a_second [studioludens.com] is an online visualization of "mondial statistics on a human scale". Globally valid numerical dat, normalized on a per-second basis, is depicted with animated iconography, which can then be compared side-by-side, or be created by users themselves. The data various from "deaths by smoking per second" (0.15) to "porn requests online (per second)" (787).

The visual style looks similar to Falling Times. If you are interested in global statistics, also check out Breathing Earth, Worldometer, Worldmapper, Gapminder and World Processor.




This caught my eye too, there are two great touches here. The first is the option to compare any two flows side by side, and the second is the ability to visualize a custom flow of your own (albeit with a limited selection of icons).

I like that the piece builds on concepts from Chris Jordan's work – the animation is a nice constrast with Jordan's attempt to visualize the scale of human production with wall-sized imagery and repetition. Though it's not quite so visceral, of course, I think it makes a good deal of sense in a web context.

Both SMAS and Jordan's work are great examples of trying to show everything in a visualization, something I've been thinking about a lot. Ben Fry shows everything to great effect with pieces such as zipdecode and all streets, and this time merge media post at kottke is full of fantastic examples such as the gorgeous 1k project.

Fri 31 Oct 2008 at 9:32 AM
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