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The Tokyo: Right Now [xoxosoma.com] website illustrates a collection of census data from Tokyo, that solves the question: "What are you doing right now?".

The main graph exists of an interactive "streamgraph", similar to the Themeriver method, taken over by Last.fm's Stream Graph, LastGraph and the NYTimes Flow of box office movies. The graph represents different daily activities, ranging from 'gardening' and 'games', to 'walking the dog' and 'management of meals'. A set of more detailed streamgraphs break this data further down between men and women, and between their economic status, such as people in school, people with jobs, and so on.

The data is based on a survey results from the Statistics Bureau of Japan, which asked participants to log their activities every 15 minutes.




This study is awesome! Imagine how large the population they organized. It is surely a product of curiosity. But its great! I sure hope the respondents are honest..

Mon 27 Oct 2008 at 2:58 PM
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