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Yet another competitor of Many Eyes, Swivel, Track-n-Graph, WidGenie and the just-posted iCharts: Trendrr [trendrr.com] has the capability to track the popularity and awareness of trends across a variety of inputs, ranging from search engine results, news stories, social networks, to blog buzz and video views downloads. This means one is able to compare Amazon book ranks, with Google News results, with MySpace page views, with YouTube video views, and so on. Results include data mash-ups like the comparison of frequency of online news stories about "foreclosure" and "Britney Spears" or the number of blog posts mentioning Neal Stephenson's new book versus the Amazon Sales Rank.

In an interesting twist on user interaction, users can drag multiple graphs to a "scratch pad", where they can be overlayed or put side-by-side, and compared. The full screen feature reveals advanced options such as relative/absolute change, timeline zooming and user-configurable annotations. However, one needs to be a member to embed the graphs on 3rd party sources. From any graph page, one can click the 'about' tab to embed it.

First, I was convinced widgenie and Trendrr were somehow related, but it seems the similar web layout, and in particular the "track/compare/share" versus "plugin/create/share" is purely accidental. It is also a bit surprising how even with the seemingly rich amount of data inputs available, only a few interesting correlating graphs have been produced.

Via datamining.typepad.com. You might also be interested in mycrocosm and daytum.