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Three more animated infographic video that have not yet appeared on infosthetics. They seem to be particularly noteworthy, as they avoid using the now pervasive slick "animated infographic" style originally introduced by Google Master Plan, Iraq War Conspiracy, Electronic Surveillance Critique and Hidden Cost of Iraq War.

The three movies illustrate the relationship between nature and sugar, explain the sports football, and introduce the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator concept.

You can all watch them below. Via biofusiondesign.com


A look at powering gadgets with sugar. Created by ApolloPony.net. Full resolution movie here.

A motion infographics about simple rules of football (or soccer in North America). Animated and Directed by Ozgur Abaci and Aaron Bell from the Vancouver Film School (2007).

This is an infographic piece introducing the basic concept of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or the MBTI. Also from the Vancouver Film School.