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The new SFMOMA ArtScope [sfmoma.org] has been designed for wandering, for the chance discovery of artworks visitors might not have encountered before. The visual browsing tool based on Stamen's Modest Maps tile engine, features more than 3,500 objects from the SFMOMA collection, arranged in a continuous, map-like grid. Users can zoom in on an eye-catching image, search by keyword or artist, or just have a look around, while zoomed views of artworks can even be deep linked.

Reminds me a bit of Microsoft's PhotoSynth. Thnkx Tom.




I saw this yesterday. The consensus was that it was confusing and required too many clicks. There are better ways to do this. For example:


Wed 05 Nov 2008 at 5:21 AM

That does seem to be the consensus from people who have a vested interest in promoting Silverlight / Deep Zoom and claiming that Flash isn't up to the job. (Andrew's company, Vertigo, built the Hardrock Memorabilia site and are currently award winning Microsoft partners.)

Of course, I'm biased too since I contributed heavily to the development of SFMOMA ArtScope and I'm invested heavily in my own Flash knowledge and skills. There's no way either of us could have an impartial discussion about this.

The Hardrock Memorabilia site is indeed impressive, particularly the ability to select a subset of images and the ability to zoom in Really Close on that subset, just like the main collection. But my experience of the Silverlight plug-in has been less than favourable and I'm not willing to risk imposing that same experience on our users (...yet?). Although Photosynth is a stunning piece of technology (arguably the best tech demo of the last few years) the inclusion of DeepZoom in Silverlight doesn't quite deliver on its promise (...yet?).

Wed 05 Nov 2008 at 12:37 PM
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