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Vizzl [vizzl.com] is a new visual search / shopping engine that allows users to perform dynamic filtering, sorting and a number of view modes on all the search results retrieved from Amazon, eBay or YouTube.

As a new Adobe Flex based application, Vizzl features dynamic animations and transitions to deliver a more immersive search experience, in an aim to make searching information "fun and fast". For example, Amazon books can be sorted by relevance, best selling, price, alphabet, or release date, while views can be changed to reveal more or less detailed information.

The Vizzl application is also offered as a commercial application to the industry, such as "The Inspiration Room" [theinspirationroom.com], an online aggregator of the worlds best talents and work in the creative industry, as well as a Facebook spin-off called "Friendly Search", which offers a visual way of browsing your Facebook contacts.

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I'll dance a jig when the "Flickr naming template" for web 2.0 sites finally dies. Vizzl is without a doubt the most ridiculous name for a presumably serious venture that I've yet seen. Seriously, it's alienating enough that it's actually precluding me from caring what it does.

Sun 30 Nov 2008 at 7:15 PM
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