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From Moritz Stefaner, the same person who created the elegant "elastic" Noble Price lists, comes the brand-new Eigenfactor: Visualizing Information Flow in Science [eigenfactor.org]. The project contains 4 beautiful interactive data visualizations that explore the emerging patterns in scientific citation networks.

"Citation Patterns" provides an overview of the whole citation network in a circular graph. The colors represent the 4 main groups of journals, which are further subdivided into fields in the outer ring. Line size and opacity represents connection strength

"Change over Time" is a combination of a Sankey Diagram (see some other examples here and here) and a stacked bar graph. It shows the changes in the "Eigenfactor Score" and clustering over time. Journals are grouped vertically according to their cluster structure. Bars belonging to the same journal are connected.

The "Clustering" graph displays a hierarchical clustering of journals in the form of a treemap ...with a twist: rectangles can be clicked to reveal directional black arrow that indicate the outgoing versus incoming citation flow. The size of a journal marker corresponds to its "Eigenfactor Score".

Finally, the "Map" shows an interactive network graph clustering those which frequently cite each other, closer together. The node sizes represent the relative amount of citation flow.






very beautiful information. The lines are so sexy!

Thu 29 Jan 2009 at 11:26 AM
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