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"In the Air" [intheair.es] aims to make visible the microscopic and invisible agents contributing to Madrid's air quality (e.g. gases, particles, pollen, diseases, etc) to investigate how they perform, react and interact with the rest of the city.

The project, developed as part of the Visualizar'08 workshop, consists of 2 complementary parts. First, a web-based dynamic model interpolates and relates different datasets in a 3D geographical overlay that can be interactively navigated. Secondly, a physical prototype titled "diffuse façade" acts as a massive indicator of the air´s components through a changing cloud. The colors and spray rhythms of the clouds emitted by a series of water vapor diffusors inform passers-by of the levels of several chemical air components (e.g. nitrogen monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine and carbon monixide), as measured by a nearby air quality sensor station.




Images taken from medialab_prado's photostream at flickr.com.