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Each NBA Basketball Team Heat Map [obsessionism.com] shows who was coaching the basketball team that year, who were the top offensive players on the team, and by how many possessions each team won or lost over a 5 year period.

The overall goal of the charts is to be able to observe how time, coaches and players create point spread trends. Win percentage paints a narrow picture of how key personnel react to being put into different game situations. Year-over-year trends may help people see why their team is gaining or losing ground to the competition.

Each color is a point range that the team won or lost by in that year. Green to red bars are wins, while blues are losses. The lower area provides team information for each year. The right bar shows the average share of games won ad lost by each 3-point range over the last 5 year in the NBA.

One of the discovered insights is how certain teams and coaches are more likely to win by 3 or fewer points than they lose by the same margin.

Thnkx Ben.


I see this as a stacked area graph, with the vertical-axis point spread normalized so that the chart shows proportions, rather than as a heatmap. A heatmap would display those point spreads as a colored box or dot and either some other variable would be in the vertical axis or the series would be longer that 5 years and the strip would be folded and stacked. What makes this chart look like a heatmap is the decision to use a color gradient.

Does this make sense?

Fri 16 Jan 2009 at 9:17 AM
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