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You might have wondered whether infosthetics is a financial goldmine. Well, surprise: it is not... In fact, within the relatively long timespan it took to double the amount of website visitors, Google Adsense revenue nonetheless decreased with 75%, now effectively providing less than a sandwich, or a coffee, let alone peanuts.

I am therefore very thankful for the current infosthetics sponsors. I would like to encourage you to at least check them out what they have to offer. All of them have high quality demos online, or free trials available via download.

  • Morae 3 is a new usability software testing software for customer experience research. It records what customers do and say and is able to calculate standard usability metrics. A free trial is available.

  • FusionCharts is a collection of more than 45 real-time gauges, animated charts and maps, which can be integrated with any database and scripting language. It stands out by its ability to feed data and configure maps through a visual GUI instead of a programming interface. A free trial can be downloaded.

  • Thinkmap is a software platform for developing customized visualization interfaces to complex data. Its visualizations, such as the classic Visual Thesaurus demo, are smooth and visually stunning. You can access the Visual Thesaurus via the widget on the right column of infosthetics.com, or check out the public demo, based on a Hollywood movie dataset.

If you consider to advertise on infosthetics.com, please feel free to contact me.


Thanks for the heads up. Somehow your text description of the various sponsors 'caught my eye' more than the ads themselves.

And thanks, as always, for a fascinating set of links!

Thu 22 Jan 2009 at 3:42 AM
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