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Glocal [glocal.ca] (short for global + local) is an "immense, collaborative and multifaceted" digital art project that examines the making, sharing and exhibiting of digital images. Thousands of individuals, including artists, non-artists and youth, are invited to participate to collaborate in the making of what promises to be Canada's largest "contributive" digital artwork.

In the context of the Glocal Project, Digital Artist Jer Thorp has produced two abstract search tools to visually navigate through Glocal's large database of photos. The Glocal Similarity Map Engine shows the compositional similarity between a particular image (shown in the center) and other images in the Glocal Pool. The Glocal Image Breeder is an interactive tool that allows users to breed images, and explore 'children' that may contain common elements from both images.

Via Visual Complexity.