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eyePlorer [eyeplorer.com] is an interactive data visualization of various facts and the relationships between them based on data from the English and German Wikipedia. Keywords related to a user-chosen topic are placed in a circle, which once selected, reveals the nature of the relationship. The granularity of these keywords can be tweaked by a zoom slider at the bottom, and double-clicking a keyword reveals the relationships with its neighbors by connecting lines. Keywords can also be combined as multi-faceted queries by simpe drag and drop actions, and knowledge stores by dragging keywords to the notebook on the right.

The colors within the circle denote different categories such as people, countries or organizations. Categories can be removed by dragging them outside of the screen, or further refined by clicking on an empty zone within them.




eyePlorer.com has now its own blog - the eyeBlog. The blog we’ll keep you up to date with regard to new releases of eyePlorer.com and about new features.

So if you are looking for further information about eyePlorer.com here is the URL - http://blog.eyeplorer.com/

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