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The new startup iFree3D [ifree3d.com] allows users to retrieve data from different sources inside the browser and display it in 3D (if you, like me, struggle with the demo: try using the search text box at the top of the interface). iFree3D is a tool designed for technical people, developers, and users who would like to explore data in a three-dimensional fashion. There also exist an open API (XML) which enables "any" data to be represented in a 3D manner as a widget in websites, without the need for any plugins or downloadable programs other than using Flash or Adobe Air.

Currently the functionality is limited to Google Search for websites, images and videos. Results are presented as 3D-like floating boxes against a black background, based on relevancy, so that the most results are located closer to the viewer. One can manipulate the frames, drag and drop them, or hit the ALT-key to move objects around. One can use the mouse wheel to bring the rest of the results closer or click on the "next set/forward" button to get the next set of Google results.

I personally doubt visualization "tools" that adopt a "random view" as a features. Do you too? More information can be found at TLG View (the company) and TechCrunch.