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The "Data Visualization 2.0" space happily occupied by services as Many Eyes, Swivel, iCharts, Trendrr, Widgenie, Track-n-Graph welcomes a new member: Timetric [timetric.com]. The web service aims to make it as easy to upload, represent and analyze time series data. Its unique feature, next to its minimalist design, consists of updating the graphs whenever the data they are based on are updated.

Next to the ability to upload personal data, the website already contains a large (actually quite overwhelming) number of datasets, situated in the economic, social and environmental realms, such as ECB exchange rates: Euro vs. USD, UK crimes: theft or unauthorised taking of a pedal cycle or global average surface temperature anomaly.

Users can embed the resulting graphs into blogs and websites, and if the data is updated, the graphs will be updated too. One can set up alerts, so that Timetric emails a warning when something interesting happens to a specific value. What seems to be missing on the "embedded" graphs, is the automatic inclusion of the dataset title and/or a link back to the original website or more detailed dataset information (maybe like Vimeo video embeds?). More information at the Timetric blog.

Is there still enough space for new social visualization services?



First up, thanks for writing about us, and for the great suggestions!

We launched last Monday, and our todo list is a million miles long right now - but adding titles, links and the like to embedded graphs, as you describe, is right at the top of it.

One other feature we have is the ability to do calculations on data right on the site and have them dynamically update, too - say, the sum of a few series, or a moving average, or the like. We're excited to see what people can do with that kind of analysis.

Wed 11 Mar 2009 at 10:22 PM
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