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The wonderful book Dear Gretchen [gretchenetc.com] investigates all the letters that the author, Gretchen Haas, has kept inside a luggage case since her childhood. The design process of the book included finding the word and phrase frequency of the letters, categorizing them by sender, by date, and finally writing personal reflections about each of the senders. Many beautiful graphs were constructed to reveal the word frequency and type (e.g. swear words, abbreviations, colors, names, slang, nicknames, holidays, etc.), and each of the 187 letters were thoroughly documented inside of the book.

The book is divided into 4 sections; Friends, Boyfriends, Family, and The Unsent (letters Gretchen wrote but never gave out for some reason or another). Each person is accompanied by a short memoir and series of questions that she answered about each person (i.e. When was the last time I saw this person, Most vivid memory, Where are they now...).

Most graphs inside the book were completely developed out of paper, as paper stands for an universal symbol of childhood, and most of the letters were received in elementary and middle school. The forms of the graphs range from very traditional to non-sensical, representing a very real and fantastical memory of childhood.