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"Infographics, the Game" might be too ambitious for a title, but seems to be apt for the first "infographically-inspired" (or should I say "Royskopp-inspired"?) game I currently know of. From the intro, over the in-game annotations, to the high scores screen, the game Effing Hail - a Catastrophic Phenomenon [intuitiongames.com], clearly has strong connotations with the clean, isometric infographic style most of us love.

The aim of Effing Hail is to take control of an updraft of air to keep falling hail in the upper levels of the bee-, sea-, dee- and effing-spheres so that the drops have time to grow into massive, destructive stones. The stones then should be directed to crush and destroy an increasingly complex ecosystem of houses, skyscrapers, planes, satellites and civilians.

On the visualization side, I am quite sure that playing the game leads to learning how (dangerous) hail actually forms.

Thnkx Andrew! Via Offworld.




Wow! what a nice game, its like playing with a piece of art, and you are right in saying that it is almost eductional too!

Mon 04 May 2009 at 4:03 AM
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