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Prezi [prezi.com] is a new and impressive "zooming" presentation editor that currently is making the rounds at numerous design blogs and online press. Although its small online demo a few months ago strongly reminded me of CounterPoint, the powerful zooming presentation tool developed by Lance Good and Ben Bederson that works as a plugin for Powerpoint, the current "public beta" shows it even surpasses that. One should also note that Microsoft does not sit still on defending its crown jewel in corporate presentation, by proposing pptPlex, which enables the functionality to zoom in and out of slide sections and move directly between slides that are not sequential in the presentation.

Presenting with Prezi enables one to follow non-linear storylines, embed movies, show meta relations between topics, zoom into the finest details, and have transitions that pan, zoom and rotate. Having recently sat through a, nonetheless nicely designed, 45 minute Prezi presentation myself, one does get slightly dizzy after 30 minutes. I became even inclined to look away during transitions just to reduce the cognitive overload as my brain intuitively insisted in trying to keep a mental overview.

Some available compelling demo presentations include BioGasol, The Global Engagement Summit and Technical Investigation ICYA.

Via TechCrunch. Thnkx Ralph and Marc. Image taken from lessanvaezi.com.